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Friends of Tell Sabi Abyad Foundation


Archaeological research abroad is costly. A solid financial basis is crucial for the continuation of the archaeological project at Tell Sabi Abyad. The increasing number of people that feel themselves attracted to the project, for a wide variety of reasons, plays an important role.

The Friends of Tell Sabi Abyad Foundation was initiated in 2004 by people with a very diverse background. However, they share one interest: the research project at Tell Sabi Abyad offers an unique contribution to the archaeology of the ancient Near East. The Foundation aims to support the scientific work at Tell Sabi Abyad in many ways. Results will be made available to a larger audience, in order to interest as many people as possible.

As it is formally laid down in our regulations :

‘… to increase the interest for the archaeological excavations at Tell Sabi Abyad and the associated research, heritage management and restoration activities..'

In short, we want you to participate in the project as much as possible!

How we do this?

We will have special offers for our donors, including lectures at the annual 'Sabi Abyad day', and an exclusive newsletter. We keep you informed of the latest developments, red-hot information from the site during the fieldwork, and background information from the ongoing scientific research at Tell Sabi Abyad.

You can become part of the Sabi Abyad team by becoming a donor  

We hope to see you soon at one of our activities!