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A truly beautiful necklace found in a Late Neolithic child burial (Burial SAB92-B1) at Tell Sabi Abyad, dated at around 6000 BC. Significantly, this necklace was found underneath the skeletal remains of a child about three years old at the time of death. It appears that the necklace was deposited first, after which the corpse of the child was placed in the grave. The burial was sunk into the upper fill of the abandoned level 7A settlement. The stunning piece of jewellery consisted of several hundreds of beads, made of red gypsum, grey and white limestone, chlorite and calcite.



A finely painted bowl from the Early Halaf period, dated at around 5900 BC. It was found in the grave of a young woman at the mound of Tell Sabi Abyad III. The bowl stood at the feet of the woman. The vessel is currently at display in the National Museum in Raqqa.