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The archaeological project Tell Sabi Abyad is conducted under the auspices of Leiden University and its Faculty of Archaeology. The project is directed by Peter M.M.G. Akkermans, professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at Leiden University.

The project takes place under the supervision of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums of the Syrian Arab Republic (Damascus). We are grateful to the Directorate-General for its continual assistance and encouragement concerning the research at Tell Sabi Abyad. We also thank the Department of Antiquities in Raqqa for its much-valued help.


General editor: Peter Akkermans
Texts: Peter Akkermans, Merel BrĂ¼ning, Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Kim Duistermaat, Frans Wiggermann, Renske Dooijes
Drawings: Mikko Kriek
Photographs and video: Peter Akkermans, Sebastien Sam
Reconstruction of the Assyrian fortress: Peter Heavens
English translation: Ans Bulles
Webdesign and technical realization: Rob van Acht
Reproduction right and copyright:    Peter Akkermans (contact: )