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18-12-2014   Raqqa Museum continues to suffer
21-11-2014   Over de vernietiging van archeologisch erfgoed in Syrie
21-11-2014   We and Facebook
17-11-2014   Interview met Project Director Peter Akkermans
04-11-2014   Artikel in De Gelderlander over het plunderen van erfgoed in Syrie
10-09-2014   ICOMOS-lezing Peter Akkermans
03-04-2014   The men with guns decide: academics in conflict areas
14-03-2014   Depots of Tell Sabi Abyad in Syria plundered
14-03-2014   UNESCO on the looting of museums and warehouses in Syria
12-03-2014   Our Archaeological Storehouses Looted in Syria
11-03-2014   Artifact Storage in Syria Reportedly Plundered
11-03-2014   Leiden researchers robbed of Syrian artifacts
06-03-2014   Depots van Tell Sabi Abyad geplunderd?
27-02-2014   Monument Men: artikel in Vrij Nederland over de verwoesting van cultureel ergfgoed in Syrië
24-12-2013   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !!
10-10-2013   New article on Tell Sabi Abyad
14-09-2013   New article about Tell Sabi Abyad in prehistory
01-09-2013   Archief archeologische sleutelsite gedigitaliseerd
16-08-2013   Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia
01-04-2013   New book about Tell Sabi Abyad on its way!!!
01-04-2013   Max Mallowan's notebooks....
02-03-2013   The entire Tell Sabi Abyad archive is going digital!
27-02-2013   Tell Sabi Abyad archief wordt helemaal gedigitaliseerd!
22-02-2013   So-called "White Ware" at Tell Sabi Abyad
21-02-2013   New article about the burnt building V6 at Tell Sabi Abyad, dated 6050-6020 BC
09-12-2012   A new article about stable isotopes and Tell Sabi Abyad
30-10-2012   New Life for Old Pots
18-07-2012   New research: the Dunnu Project
16-07-2012   New research project in Jordan's Northeastern Desert: Jebel Qurma Archaeological Landscape Project
22-01-2012   Anna Russell's PhD thesis on the animal bones of Late Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad, 6900-5900 BC
17-10-2011   Beautiful Syria: Gertrude Bell Archive
04-10-2011   Guest lectures on the archaeology of Mesopotamia by two famous archaeologists!
19-09-2011   Many free downloads !!
28-08-2011   New research into the Bronze Age of Tell Sabi Abyad: ERC grant for Bleda Düring
10-07-2011   New article about the radiocarbon chronology of Tell Sabi Abyad, with hundreds of new dates
05-07-2011   Facebook & Tell Sabi Abyad
30-06-2011   Leiden University Yearbook 2010
30-06-2011   Video: five statues from Neolithic 'Ain Ghazal in Jordan
15-06-2011   Peter Akkermans on
09-05-2011   Studying Archaeology of the Near East & Egypt at Leiden University
08-05-2011   Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies in Damascus (NIASD)
08-05-2011   Tell Sabi Abyad and Dame Agatha’s Footsteps in Syria
08-05-2011   In a Cold Snap, Farmers Turned to Milk
05-05-2011   New publications
28-03-2011   Climate Change and Tell Sabi Abyad
28-03-2011   Syrian Television at Tell Sabi Abyad
16-02-2011   New website